Vicki Malmberg:

I knew I was unhealthy when I hit a size 18. I had stopped weighing myself after I hit 90kg and I knew I was in a bad way. The thought of increasing to a size 20 frightened the life out of me. My exercise regime was almost nil and my eating habits were questionable at best. I knew I had to change, I was depressed and started trying every diet and exercise idea I read about, but I had limited success.

I knew nothing about nutrition, I just ate food because I liked it and it tasted good and I didn’t know what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I started walking and cut out all of what I thought were the ‘bad’ foods. The weight started to come off slowly, however I started to plateau and nothing would budge so I knew I had to do something else and I would have to give it 110%. Out of desperation I walked into the Full Balance Fitness Studio and asked what they could do to help. Janine talked me through what they offered and how they could help. It was friendly and wasn’t a mass produced system designed by a faceless company.

Since training with Janine, I achieved results I never thought I could ever achieve. I entered into the Women’s Health Magazine 12 week challenge, which was fantastic and I have now developed a new healthy lifestyle and even become a role model to some of the people I work with. Full Balance Fitness gave me my life back and I can’t thank them or recommend them enough.


Annette Spratt:

When I walked into Full Balance Fitness I was overweight, unmotivated and had no energy at all. My exercise routine was zero and I was tired all the time. Working with Janine is the best thing I have ever done for my health and well being. From being an unmotivated person who did not enjoy fitness, Janine has changed my perspective and attitude. I have energy to run around with family and friends and when I go to the gym I walk out feeling on top of the world. A dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable trainer, who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. I am still going strong with my training and producing great results with the Group Fitness Classes. I can thoroughly recommend Janine for any goal you want to achieve, whether it is weight loss or just an increase in fitness. I have never felt so good about myself and I owe it all to Janine’s knowledge, support, encouragement and enthusiasm. Thank you

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