Welcome to Full Balance Fitness where you will find your health and fitness balance! While a hard workout will produce some amazing results we also believe that enjoyment should also be a key motivator. At Full Balance Fitness we believe in getting things back to basics, where your results and experience is what matters. With a unique approach, we will ensure you will have fun while you are achieving your health and fitness goals. Using a balanced approach you will learn how to use your own body to your advantage.

While some personal training facilities believe that getting in shape is all about weights and cardio, at Full Balance Fitness we understand that for most people, creating life-long physical change is more about lifestyle, diet, exercise, attitude, motivation, education, structure, and support, than it is about any piece of equipment or get-skinny-quick 'fad diet'.

Full Balance Fitness is not a gym; Full Balance Fitness is a place to change your body, your attitude, your lifestyle, your habits and your reality.

Whether you are interested in fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, training for a specific event or just keeping fit and having fun, our trainers can deliver the results you want with a personalised program to suit your lifestyle, price and schedule.