Boxing / Speedball

Boxing Training:

Boxing benefits many people from all backgrounds, whether for fitness training or for people highly involved in team and individual sports. As Boxing is one of the hardest sports in the world, with boxers having to train their bodies to go through physical and mental torture, it produces amazing results as it can be an all over workout.

Boxing workouts will:

- improve your confidence
- lose weight
- increase lean muscle
- improve your cardio vascular fitness
- no boring sessions

Best of all boxing is proven to be the ultimate in stress release, hitting focus pads releases pent up frustrations and makes you feel so much better.

Boxing routines also provide fun and variety to cardio/aerobic routines. Whilst toning and providing a great cardiovascular workout, it helps improve muscle tone and definition. Another major benefit for any sport and for life in general, is the improvement of your reflective actions enabling you to increase your immediate decision-making processes and react quickly in any situation.


Speedball Training:

For individuals seeking some variety in their exercise routine, Speedball delivers! It's easily adapted to the user, allowing itself to be pursued as a bona fide sport in its own right, as a companion to an established fitness program, or as part of a more comprehensive Boxacise circuit.

Speedball is also an excellent warm up activity, particularly after proficiency in striking the ball has been developed.

Speedball training combines general and specific conditioning, muscle toning and fat loss, with practical skills in a socially interactive environment. It's a low impact, time efficient system that can be adapted to suit the user. Speedball sharpens reflexes, improves body rhythm, relieves stress, builds greater general fitness and total body balance, whilst assisting whole body co-ordination, bilateral development and hand-eye co-ordination. As with most activities that require continued application to become proficient, Speedball raises self esteem and an awareness of one's own personal potential.

Many women are attracted to the positive effect Speedball has on cardio-respiratory fitness and body fat utilization. Many report encouraging body definition benefits, particularly in the regions of the upper arm, stomach and bust line.

Renowned athletics coach Jim Bradley is most widely credited with using the Speedball in an application outside of boxing. Bradley was in search of a training system for his athletes which could improve upper body strength and endurance. He modified a boxing speedball and developed a training method. Full Balance Fitness only use Jim Bradley speedballs.