Fitness Assessments



Fitness Assessments are conducted at the beginning of your first workout and at regular intervals depending on your individual goal. Typically an assessment takes between 30-40 minutes and will assess areas such as lifestyle, diet, strength, fitness level, flexibility, blood pressure, weight and measurements, and a brief medical and sporting/activity history which allows us to see where you are at and how far you have come.

Along with the fitness assessments, there are weekly weigh ins and monthly measurements, depending on what your goal is.

Why a Fitness Assessment?

  • To conduct a basic health, fitness and lifestyle evaluation. This process is non-invasive and non-threatening, and will provide you with an indication of your current fitness and health level.
  • So we can get to know you and to identify your motives, needs, limitations, expectations and goals.
  • To identify your lifestyle, exercise and eating habits.
  • To discuss injuries and relevant medical conditions.
  • To set relevant goals and to create an action plan
  • To answer any questions you may have