About Us


Full Balance Fitness was established in 2007 to provide a holistic approach to health and fitness – that is Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health.

At Full Balance Fitness we believe that there are 6 key elements to any training program –

1) Proper Nutrition
2) Resistance Training,
3) Cardiovascular Training
4) Recovery
5) A Balanced Lifestyle
6) Encouragement and Support

We like to call it the “Full Balance”.

At Full Balance Fitness we understand that getting in shape is not just about the physical process and while many 'trainers' are all about weights and carbs, we realise that changing a body is as much about psychology and emotions as it is about physiology.

We also understand that many people don't like to exercise or exist on a diet of protein, protein, and more protein. Our goal is to make the process of getting into shape a realistic, productive, rewarding and enjoyable one.

Our priority is to help you create life-long change; not get in shape for an event. Most of our clients use a Trainer for education, direction, organisation, structure, accountability and motivation.

At Full Balance Fitness we teach that creating life-long physical change is about managing all 6 areas.... and we get great results!

We also believe a positive attitude creates a positive mind and a fit and healthy body. We recognise that gyms can be intimidating to some people, so our training studio is private and intimate so you can train in a safe, happy, positive & friendly environment and meet all your health and fitness goals.

Our programs are designed for the individual as no two people are the same and we will design a program specifically for YOU and your goals.

We offer a variety of conditioning programs including: personal training, group fitness training, boxing and speedball.

At Full Balance Fitness, we are passionate and committed to improving people’s lifestyles and we pride
ourselves on success and results.